Downy Blows

Wild Bill, Calamity Jane and thousands of motorcycles

In honor of my first Wild West novel, Tess Mercury and the Crooked Pink, Mr. Prophet and I enjoyed a true Wild West vacation in Deadwood, South Dakota, home of the Morning Star Casino and the Number 10 Saloon where Wild Bill Hickok met his end. It was also home that week to the Sturgis South Dakota Black Hills Motorcycle Rally. It was a most thrilling and exhilarating adventure. Later, I realized I’d failed to truly capture the excitement when I discovered the only photographs on my roll to be of the Mt. Moriah Cemetery, in which Wild Bill and his lady friend Calamity Jane are interred, amongst other famous names from the old west. Mt. Moriah and Deadwood have a very rich history, which I will not relate for you here. The following photographs remind me strongly of my many visits to New Orleans. Despite all of the history, beautiful architecture, interesting people and scenes, I arrived home with hundreds of photographs of the above-ground tombs. One day I will evaluate this. For now, please enjoy my favorite photographs of Mt. Moriah.




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